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Gas Training Courses


  • 19.02.12 | CTSGroup have been providing solutions for Gas Students and Newly Accredited Gas Engineers to assist them gaining vital solo gas experience needed for job applications and self employment.t| more

  • 19.02.12 | CTSGroup have teamed up with the Guild of Professional Gas Engineers and Administrators to provide free membership and ongoing professional Gas Training and Development. | more


Engineer ON SITE after Gas Registration

On Job Training and Assessment

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Gas Registered Engineer On SIte


On successful completion of your acs gas assessments CTSGroup can help you with the biggest transition you are likely to encounter. Now that you are qualified you are likely to hit your biggest challenge,  Turning your Qualifications Into Work and an Income.
Kick Start Gas Registration program
Whether you are looking for employment or to be self employed we can help.

Our Kick Start Gas Safe Registration Program is ideal for students wanting to take the next step and get at the front

Hitting a Brick Wall ?

Most students undertaking their gas learning programs are under the illusion that getting their acs will open the bank doors and work is waiting for them. The reality for many is far from this,.  

Yes - there is a massive shortage of quality Engineers

But  there are far more  inexperienced engineers leaving gas training programs that few employers will even waste an interview on. The reason is that gas companies are looking for engineers who can enhance their business, who possess experience and a track record with references, not engineers or adult students who have no solo experience or gas work history and will need wet nursing.

Seriously if you want to get a job in gas you need;

  1. Laad Engineer Solo Gas Work Experience
  2. References
  3. Self Confidence
  4. An auditable On The Job Track Record
  5. A Reason to be Employed
If You are planning on starting your own business a similar set of issues needs addressing so that you can confidently walk into a prosepctive customers house and leave a positive impression.

Our Kick Start Gas Registration Program provides the Essential Link Between your Gas Training and Getting Work.


The Kick Start Gas Registration Program Includes your  First 6  Months gas registration under our umbrella with technical and audit support. subject to completing our Kick Start Entry Program.
Gas Safe registered Engineer

During your Kick Start Gas Entry Program one of our professional assessors will undergo a progarm of preparation by taking you into a solo environment and preparing and assessing you in all the work areas you intend to apply for. On satisfactory completion you will be entered onto the register and CTSGroup will provide references as to your qualities whilst with us.

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